Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spam Poetry

I apologize for distracting you from your regular photo comic but this is really quite odd. I just received some spam that had neither attachment nor embedded URL. Seemingly this spam is without purpose other than to be spam. As such, I would like to formally recognize it as a new kind of free-form poetry. I know this seems ridiculous but if you've read Neuromancer you might have a better idea why I find this so interesting.

"Darin Rush"
A poem by Spam-Robot. Composed of selected
lines from Beyond The City by C. Doyle and others.
Nom de plume: Dewey Laura (0f.ay@ms29.hinet.n*t)

"Out with it!" Said I.
"Perhaps they will have some stout. Oysters will do. -And Clara is quite as bad." Said he.
I'll take you there with pleasure." Said I.
"Is that right? Shall we say two years?" Said he.
"Still it's truth all the same."
said I.
"Do you like Harold Denver? There is nothing hidden about him. All that's mine is yours." said he.
"Which would be the best for her?
said I.
"Every day fewer good." said he.
"Now you will have bad dreams." said I.
"To me it is all the same." He shook his head. "Nor was there anything perverted about it."
"But did thee feel the earth move?" said I.
"There could have been.
That is the pistol." said he.


brenatevi said...

It's beautiful, in a way only spam can be.

a said...

I know I'm commenting very late, but I just recently found Skidmore Bluffs.

I too have received spam poetry, and on the rare occasions that it happened I found them much, much more interesting than the various mailing lists that I had voluntarily accrued over several years... perhaps some enterprising spammer will step it up and spread a little absurdist joy to us all!