Monday, March 29, 2010

[114] A Love Story

Burnside And Steel Bridges,
A Love Story.

This Ambitious little project was inspired by a Tweet made by Megan Hale (aka: @skyesidhe): "I can see my love from here..oh steel bridge... (@ the burnside bridge)." Megan says many poet things and you should follow her if you're the following sort. I'm extra curious about what you guys think of this since it's such a strange idea. Did it make sense as a love story? Can you imagine the dialogue that two bridges have?

You can see the MANY photographs I took of these bridges for this project over on my flickr feed. There's a link over on the right.


GT Goddess said...

These are lovely!

Zander Speaks said...

Nice blog GTG. It reminds me a little bit of tardblog. :)