Monday, January 25, 2010

[108] Haiti

Special thanks to Helena for spending 3 hours with me on Saturday when I'm sure she had much better things to be doing. My heart goes out to the people who are suffering in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake.  If you have the means, please donate to one of the many aid groups out there.  My personal favorite is Engineers Without Borders.  If you don't have the means, there is a fair amount of science that seems to indicate that prayer can have a beneficial effect why not go for it. 

As always, let me know what you guys think.  Your comments keep me going.

Monday, January 18, 2010

[!] Where the hell is my SkidmoreBluffs?

At the moment, your Skidmore Bluffs is on a piece of paper in my kitchen. I'm having a little trouble with where Skidmore Bluffs goes next. The new evolution as a sequential comic with no text is definitely what I want to be doing but it's proving to be very difficult to get models and time to shoot. Last night, a friend suggested that I go to biweekly but I'm sure you guys wouldn't like that so much. While I contemplate what the right solution is, I'll keep writing story boards and shooting when I can.

In the mean-time I'd like to build an e-mail list of people that want to know about the future of Skidmore Bluffs. I give you my word that I won't sell your address to a German porn company. If you're interested, send an e-mail to skidmorebluffs[at]sneaksneak[period]org. Just put "subscribe" in the subject line.

You guys are all wonderful and I'm grateful to have you as fans. Expect something exciting soon.

I have a model and a shooting time for this weekend. You will get your weekly dose of Skidmore Bluffs next week. PLUS there's a super secret project! I'm excited but it will be a while before I can tell you anything other than it's SO FRICKING COOL!

See you next week!

Friday, January 15, 2010

[!] Call for models!

If you'd like to star in a future Skidmore Bluffs comic, let me know! All types of people are welcome. You just have to be comfortable acting in front of a camera, have about 2 hours of free time on a weekend, and live in Portland, Oregon. My e-mail address is over there on the right hand side. Send me a note if you're game.

Monday, January 11, 2010

[108] Concentration

So, it turns out that there isn't enough time in the day to move to a new apartment and shoot an 8 frame story all in one day. So, here's another classic style SkidmoreBluffs comic. See you next week!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

[107] Hungry

Woo! It's sequential! Also, I didn't have to spend any time dragging around letters or drawing tiny boxes. This was really fun to make and has made me excited about Skidmore Bluffs again. I very much want to know what you guys think. Obviously this is the first edition of a totally new style for me so some things need to get ironed out but I have some pretty exciting plans.

Also, no alt text - we'll get that sorted eventually. In lieu of alt text, you get an out-take shot. Tons of thanks to Sara(h) and Ara for their help. I get the feeling they might be appearing in future editions now that I need models.