Monday, January 18, 2010

[!] Where the hell is my SkidmoreBluffs?

At the moment, your Skidmore Bluffs is on a piece of paper in my kitchen. I'm having a little trouble with where Skidmore Bluffs goes next. The new evolution as a sequential comic with no text is definitely what I want to be doing but it's proving to be very difficult to get models and time to shoot. Last night, a friend suggested that I go to biweekly but I'm sure you guys wouldn't like that so much. While I contemplate what the right solution is, I'll keep writing story boards and shooting when I can.

In the mean-time I'd like to build an e-mail list of people that want to know about the future of Skidmore Bluffs. I give you my word that I won't sell your address to a German porn company. If you're interested, send an e-mail to skidmorebluffs[at]sneaksneak[period]org. Just put "subscribe" in the subject line.

You guys are all wonderful and I'm grateful to have you as fans. Expect something exciting soon.

I have a model and a shooting time for this weekend. You will get your weekly dose of Skidmore Bluffs next week. PLUS there's a super secret project! I'm excited but it will be a while before I can tell you anything other than it's SO FRICKING COOL!

See you next week!


JudgeDanny said...

It's all good! Good things come to those who wait :)

Or... is the real reason because you're plotting something huge against Mr. Dante Shepherd :-p

Jeremy said...

Now that my parents are out of town, I'm totally free to help out, maybe a comic about moving boxes?