Saturday, April 18, 2009

[!] SkidmoreBluffs at Stumptown Comic Fest?!!

Greetings lovely readers,

My publicist / spankin' hot table-girl "Bookseller Chick," has directed me to remind you all that there will be a Skidmore Bluffs table at the Stumptown Comic Festival this weekend. There will also be more than a hundred other fantastic tables there. You should all come down and support your local comic creators. (especially me)

I'll have several brand-new 1" pinback buttons, prints of some of the more popular comics, and free hugs for anyone who asks! (I don't know where the free hugs thing came from, I'm delerious.)

Also G. Xavier Robillard will be sharing a table with me. He's the author of Captain Freedom : A superhero's quest for truth, justice, and the celebrity he so richly deserves. (Harper Collins) and he'll be giving away copies of his book if you can answer some fiendishly tricky trivia questions.

See you there!


Chavtastic Jinx said...


I'm the girl with pink hair who you gave a LOVE button to at the Fest this morning!

See? I told you I read your stuff! :)

Thanks for the button...

... m ...

Zander Speaks said...

Thanks so much! Every time someone says that they like my comic I get unbelievably warm and fuzzy inside. It feels like that time when you found out that the girl you've always liked likes you back. That feeling is worth so much more than a free button. I hope you don't feel cheated.