Monday, March 16, 2009

[66] Rainy Day Savings

Some of you may be aware that I sold a house a few months back. After you read the comic, check out this e-mail that my mom just sent me this morning after the comic went up.

when I heard this am that OR is having a wave of foreclosures because of job
losses (therefore there are far more houses available for lower prices); I
was glad again that you sold your house when you did. Yippee! (One thing to
smile about in these economic times ...)

XXX, Mom

What do I do now? Keep my word and skillet my mom in the face, or become a become a worthless shell of a man by breaking my totally binding promise to you readers?


Anonymous said...

skillet to the face! skillet to the face!

do you get one too for publicly quoting her?

Zander Speaks said...

I suppose I could skillet my self in the face. Seems kinda strange but, eh, why not?