Monday, March 30, 2009

[68] Poppins

If you're afraid to fly, avoid borrowing umbrellas from friendly British women.Alternate text: Test pilots for the Air Force's "Powered Observation and Pursuit Platform for Intelegence and Nutralizing Strife" or POPPINS project, are asked to wear civilian clothing in case of emergency landing in populated areas.

Note: Thanks to Bookseller Chick for being the trigger-girl on this photo.


Bookseller Chick said...

ah, the artist as art. Please remember to return your umbrella to its folded and strapped position so as to not re-experience takeoff.

Varmint said...

"Point your toes down, people! Down! Down! You, point it down further!"

Christ, it won't go any further down...

"Down! Point it down! Listen, do you want to be in this show or not?"

My foot's going to break off..


Zander Speaks said...

Everyone, meet Varmint. I've been putting up with him for nearly 15 years now.