Friday, March 11, 2011

[!] Never fear!

Dear beautiful readers, I have something to show you:

var comicText = "thisisatest";

targetDocument = app.activeDocument; //make the currently active document the target
sourceDocument = app.documents.getByName("standard-text-2.psd");

for (i=0;i

activeDocument = sourceDocument;
copyLayer = app.activeDocument.artLayers.getByName(comicText.charAt(i));
activeDocument = targetDocument;

You're probably thinking: "what the hell, has Zander gone totally mad?" Well, yes - but that's not why I'm showing you this. That is the begining of a script that will make my lettering go from a hour long process to about a minute long process. I've been working on it all week.

I have received some really nice notes asking if SB will come back. It will. Please keep encouraging me - it helps to know that you guys are out there.

Love, Zander


Anonymous said...

Go Zander Go

Anonymous said...

Indeed we ARE here :), go!

Humps Freely said...

I Was Afraid That You Stopped, Keep Posting, We Demand It.