Monday, February 8, 2010

[109] Tools

Thanks to Sarah and Brady for driving out into the wilds beyond Beaverton this week to take pictures on a pretty street. Poor Sarah had spent the whole previous day sick but she was still willing to don* spandex and stand in the cold for two hours. You guys rock. See you all in two weeks! Check back next week for a new Skidmore Bluffs themed background!


Anonymous said...

the time may have been "dawn," but she still "dons" clothes.

Nicole said...

Zander, you really have a gift for storytelling this way. I love it! This one is just charming.

JudgeDanny said...

another great piece Zander :)

Anonymous said...

Another really nice job -
I really like the many framed comic
(but where are the painstaking time
gobbling typescripts?).