Wednesday, September 16, 2009

[BG1] Chopper

Greetings Skidmore Bluffs fans, At the insistence of my absolutely brilliant and drop-dead gorgeous comic-adviser, the Bookseller Chick, I'm going to start posting background images on Wednesdays. This is a brand new thing so I'd love to have feedback.

I'm posting the image in 16:10 (apple laptop size) and 5:4 (standard work-computer size) aspect ratios. Please let me know if you want other resolutions for future posts, and PLEASE don't forget the feedback!


Jeremy said...

I think there's a lot of 4:3 pc users too. I personally use 1280x1084 and 1680x1050 on my lcd's, though generally I just center whatever size fits.

Johno said...

i agree with Jeremy. 4:3 would also be nice. i use 1024x768, but anything larger works for me :D

Anonymous said...

this is awesome - how cool that you can stop the rotor!