Sunday, January 11, 2009

[57] The discerning zombie

Note: This was the fastest photo-shoot I have ever done! I went from unloading gear to packing up in 65 minutes!

Thanks to dancer Greta and zombies Amanda, Look, and Briana for their time and general awesomeness.

Special thanks to Amanda again for finding the dance studio, convincing Matthew to let us shoot inside, and finding Look and Briana to be zombies.

Finally, thanks to Ali McCart of Indigo Editing for her awesome pro-bono editing of the comic. I accidentally capitalized the T in "they look so pretty," and she caught it. Sadly I'm not with my workstation right now so you'll have to live with it until I can repair the original image.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, i cracked up over this.
Nice one. ^^

Unknown said...

I knew I'd love it when I heard what you were doing..I like the one outstretched arm catching the light.

Humanette said...

This is great. I found you while researching "photographic novels" as I'm getting together visual research to start my own.
yours are cool because they are single images, not strips. while mine will be strips, yours are quite different this way...

Zander Speaks said...

Thanks Humanette!

It's great to know that there are people out there, other than my mom, who enjoy my work. Good luck with your creations. Send me a link when you're ready. I can't wait to see your work.