Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I dreamt that we were together again.

I was just inches from you when the phone rang.
My roommate wanted to know if we needed milk.

My sister reads this photograph episodic (new term I'm playing with) and mentioned to me that she was worried about my depression. I laughed out loud. Remember folks, I'm an artist. Don't try this at home.

Note: Click on images to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

I'm not worried

Zander Speaks said...

yes, but who are you?

Anonymous said...

This comment has nothing to do with your pictures (which are awesome by the way) but I figured out how to use this RSS thing so now I'll always know when you update your blog. How spiffy is that? :) Yeah, silly I know, but I'm proud of myself - so deal with it.

Love, Rora

Anonymous said...

Don't dream yourself into a corner. You feel like you die, every day.

Zander Speaks said...

I prefer to think of wish fulfillment dreams as your brain giving you a reality check. If you wished for something all your life and never knew what it would really be like, *that* would be like dieing a little every day. This way, when you wake up your conscious brain can go back and analyze what you were dreaming.

"Why did that take place at put-put-golf-and-games?" Why was she wearing a clown suit? I *hate* clowns.